Roller Shutters Clacton

Roller Shutters Clacton

If you are looking for Roller Shutters Clacton then MW Doors and Shutters are here to help. As a trusted, family run roller shutter manufacturer and supplier with over 30 years experience, we install, maintain and repair Roller Shutters Clacton through a team of highly qualified & skilled engineers for clients on every scale. So whether you need Garage Roller Shutters and Window Shutters for your home, or Roller Shutters and Security Doors for your business, we can offer a huge range of design options to suit your needs and budget.

All of our roller shutters are fabricated and fitted by our team to your specification and the highest standard. This means quality builds with strong metal and insulated slats when required. Equally we provide motors, remotes, parts and maintenance services.

We pride ourselves on client satisfaction through unrivalled service and expertise from our office staff, fitting teams and engineers. This has earned us a fantastic reputation as one of the leading suppliers of Roller Shutters Clacton in the region, so call us for your roller shutter installations, repairs and maintenance needs today.

Accreditations for Roller Shutters Clacton Manufacture, Install and Repair
Roller shutters fitted in Essex by EDM
White Domestic Garage Roller Shutter Doors Installed by MW Doors

Why Roller Shutters?

Installing Roller Shutters Clacton

Roller shutters – also known as roller doors, or metal shutters – are increasingly popular for securing both domestic and commercial properties. In addition to being very practical, highly secure, and a proven deterrent for opportunistic thieves, installing Roller Shutters Clacton offers numerous design and safety options to suit your needs.

MW Doors and Shutters supply and install roller shutters of all sizes and specifications, in a range of materials, styles and colours.

Most importantly all of our roller shutter doors are made in the UK and adhere to essential safety requirements under current legislation.

As experienced roller shutter door manufacturers we welcome all enquiries and offer free quotations with no obligation to buy. So if you are thinking of installing Roller Shutters Clacton, contact MW Doors & Shutters today for more information.

BENEFITS OF Roller Shutters Clacton

Some of the advantages of having roller shutters fitted in your home or business



Roller shutter doors improve the look and appeal of your home or building, and installing stylish and secure roller shutters can also add value to a property as a feature of sale.



Roller shutters are strong by design and will resist forced entry attempts through interlocking and mechanical components - backed up further with multiple automatic locking devices.


Built in safety features such as bottom edge sensors and anti-fall-back protection ensures that your loved ones and possessions are always protected from harm during operation.



Modern or Classic? Metal or Wood? Whatever your design preference, we offer a wide range of available colours and finishes to ensure your roller shutter will fit in with its surroundings.


Remote controlled electric roller shutters provide convenience of use and the added protection of not having to leave the safety of your vehicle when accessing your property.



Roller shutter doors are compact and work vertically in operation, so they don't obstruct openings or need clearance to swing open - maximising the use of all available internal and external space.

Roller Shutters Clacton Repairs

Emergency Repair Service

If you need 24hr Roller Shutters Clacton Repairs then call us today and let us help secure your property. Whether you are locked out, blocked in, or urgently need to secure a premises, we are able to quickly repair most issues on site – even when other companies recommend full replacements.

Our teams respond quickly to every issue and as roller shutter and security door manufacturers we have access to required parts more easily than most! Plus all of our work adheres to industry safety regulations for your peace of mind.

Call now for 24hr Repairs for Roller Shutters Clacton.

Our Shutter & Door Repairs Include…

Roller Shutters
Shop Front Shutters
Garage Doors
Window Shutters
Security Doors
Bar Shutters
Fire Shutter Doors
Industrial Doors
High Speed Shutters
Sectional Doors
Dock Levellers
Steel Doors
Vehicle Shutters
Security Grilles
Security Gates
Aluminium Windows


Before you buy a roller shutter you may have a lot of questions, so we have provided some answers to those that we generally get the most.

Please note that our team are available to take calls and answer any questions that you may have.

Are roller shutters secure?

In short, yes roller shutters are great for security. It certainly takes a lot of effort to break into roller shutters, which would either require severe use of force, or cutting with tools - all of which would make a lot of noise and attract a lot of attention. This is why roller shutters are generally a strong deterrent for most thieves or opportunist burglars.

How do roller shutters operate?

You have several options for the operation of your roller shutters. The cheapest and most basic are manual roller shutters that open and close by hand. The most popular are automatic roller shutters that work using electric motors and are typically accessed by remote control. We can let you know what options are available at the time of enquiry.

Can I choose a specific colour for my roller shutter?

We supply roller shutters in a range of colours and can provide a colour chart to help you choose. Please note that steel and aluminium shutters come in a standard finish and painted or powder coated colour options will generally increase the overall cost, but can also help shutters stand out as a modern feature of your home or business.

Are roller shutters made to measure or standard sizes?

All of our roller shutters are custom made to the required size to fit your space properly and create a secure seal. Plus you may have a few options to the exact position where your roller door is fixed to the wall. Our team can either come out and measure, or provide assistance to help you get the measurements correct if preferred.

Who makes the roller shutters you supply?

As one of the largest direct suppliers in the region, we manufacture our roller shutters at our Essex facility. This allows us to offer competitive prices for top quality products made in the UK. It also means that we can ensure all of our roller shutters are structurally secure and work exactly as they should. Plus we can react quickly to requirements and stock all spares, parts and motors.

Do you repair and maintain other makes of roller shutter?

Yes we certainly do. Our engineers are able to fix and service all types of roller shutters and security doors. This is also helped by the fact that we can manufacture any parts that may be required.

How much do roller security shutters cost?

The only way to truly answer this is by providing a no obligation quote, and the answer will depend on the options (colours, motors, remotes) you desire and the size of roller shutter you need. What we can say is that roller shutters are very affordable and offer great value over their lifetime. We offer competitive rates for superior products so please get in touch with your enquiry today.

Do you offer site or property surveys?

In most instances we would always start with a site visit in order to assess suitability and measure your space. This allows us to advise and discuss your available options with our experienced engineers in order to provide your no obligation quotations.

Do you supply roller shutters without installation?

Yes, we supply roller shutters to other providers as well as the public if you wish to install them yourself. Obviously we would always recommend professional fitting to ensure the integrity and safety of our products.

What head room do I need for a roller shutter to be fitted?

Roller shutters roll up into a head plate, and the size of this will depend on how tall the door is. The taller the door, the more head room required. In general a roller shutter garage door requires around 30cm head space - which is easily possible in most circumstances.

Are roller shutter doors alarmed?

Roller shutters are not alarmed as standard, but can be linked to alarm systems using sensors, the same as any door or window in a property.

How much more do electric roller shutters cost?

Basic electric roller shutters run on a simple but reliable motor which will only cost from around £90. This will enable simple button operated electric shutters. The cost will increase for remote control units and we will be happy to discuss options at time of enquiry.

Do roller shutter doors lock or need a key?

Roller shutter doors use a locking springs mechanism that will stop anyone being able to pull the door up from the outside. They do not require a key directly to remain solid, though some clients take the extra measure of using a robust padlock to further secure the door to the ground.

Do roller shutter doors need to be serviced?

As stated above, roller shutters can last a long time if maintained well. Fortunately they do not require a lot of maintenance and are relatively simple in the way that they operate.

We recommend annual maintenance as standard and can provide this service at a low cost, but it will also depend on how much you use your roller shutter - where intensive daily opening and closing doors will be more likely to experience difficulties quicker that those that are only opened once a day - such as shop front shutters.

In addition to this, it is important for business owners to be aware of health & safety legislation and workplace regulations that requires records of maintenance for doors such as this. See this link for more information -

How long does it take to install a roller shutter?

Once your order is placed, we can manufacture your door immediately in-house, with the actual installation taking place in a normal working day, leaving your property completely secure by the time the work is complete.


WHY MW DOORS Roller Shutters Clacton

We consider ourselves to be one of the best security door & shutter companies in the region due to our honesty and integrity in always helping customers in the best way possible. This is why we have successfully maintained our client base and continued to grow over the years through word of mouth recomendations. Get in touch for free, no obligation Roller Shutters Clacton quotes and information to see what we can do for you.

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